Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Perfect Creature

Mana made it to Ms Teen Philippines. Thanks to Mark Francisco, a common friend of ours, I knew about the pageant hours before.

By 5pm, I was out of the office, finished my thing with our Client and headed to Robinsons Galleria to watch our Ms. Teen Philippines-NCR bag one slot for The Actual Pageant. Well, by the time that I arrived-- thanks to the long line at MRT-- the talent portion and the Q&A were already through. Well, at least I was there to witness the funny reaction of Mana as she was called to take the final slot for NCR on Ms. Teen Philippines to be held in Davao I think.

Go to my multiply to view the not-so-many-pics I took with my phone.

After that, we ate at Chef D Angelo, Mana's treat of course. Then Mark, by impulse wanted to watch a last full show, so He and I ended watching Perfect Creature.

The movie's a bit boring to be quite frank. Maybe because we expected it to be sort of a Van Helsing type of movie. The storyline's similar to the Matrix upon closer scrutiny, only this time, it's central idea revolves around human beings living in perfect harmony with creatures of the dark. But since, like any other movie, one has to challenge that idea so there goes the conflict.

After the movie, Mark, as promised, accompanied me home and finally saw Direk Jerry Sineneng's house. Thank you Mark, I enjoyed our movie together even though it was quite boring. ^_^ Till next time... NARNIAAAAAA!!!! And pasalubong from Pagudpod? Thanks!

PERFECT CREATURE: Mana and the movie obviously does not have any similarities. Haha!

I believe that people were made to be perfected. Ethics calls us to realize that to reason out that "to err is human" is actually false, for man is perfected by his or her imperfections.

Mana, amongst all the candidates, was the smallest one, but she was made perfect by her beauty (inside and out), by the good use of her talents and by the brains that God blessed her. She is truly a perfect creature.

As with the movie, though it wasn't entirely perfect, its cinematography was sublime I must say. With that said, it is then perfected by the very good editing skills of the linear (non-linear... i dunno) editors.

i own the universe,
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