Monday, May 26, 2008

WORD for the DAY

after discussing OUR PAAASSSSTTT lovers (waaat??? hahaha nakakatawa yun ah!) kadire... past lovers?? huwaaaat tlga?? hahaha!!! anywaaaayy...

so we were there, sitting beside the counter of Dairy Queen at Gateway-- yummy!-- and we're talking about my so small world (yes ate claire you shadarrup! hahah :D) of lovelife-errs (yes ERR sila. isa silang big ERRs hahaha!) and why she was feeling gloomy and stuff and then *poof* the word of the day appeared!

Yes, boys and girls, i want you to meet the word:


According to the ever-so-available-yet-not-always-reliable Wikipedia, Laconic or Laconism means:

a figure of speech in which someone uses very few words to express an idea

Waaah. Come on, nosebleed? hahaha!!!

So when you decide to one day, text back your boyfriend or girlfriend and give them the 'Silent Treatment' but not really silent treatment type of replies of yes no ewan siguro malay without even the punctuation marks or the ellipses... that's what you call those kind of text messages-- LACONIC. heheheh :D

The other day, she used the word "coagulate" na parang kala mo kasimple-simpleng salita na gaya ng "red" ganon. hahaha!!! funny. :))

I want to share some of my crazy stories like the synchronized churchur that some of my blocmates planned before graduation. I bet if you knew about it, you'll probably be laughing really hard and probably imagining to what's it gonna be like.

waaah!!! hahaha!! do you get the CHURCHUR that i'm saying??? hahaha! i bet not.

hmmm... So there, after indulging ourselves with DQs Kitkat Blizzards (mocha and chocolate), we decided to go home.

Thank God for cellphones, MRTs and malls... i get to be with friends in just a snap.

sa uulitin ate claire. :D

i own the universe,
all knowing superboi


annetukinn said...

best word to describe yours truly

allknowing superboi said...

hahaha! anne buti alam mo :D puro okay naman kaw haha :D))

mnel said...



pag galit ako kay bee, pseudo-silent treatment ako sa kanya. mwahahaha.

drives him crazy.

yung coagulate naman ay gasgas na sa mundo ng med school. haha. alien language kasi meron dun eh. lol.

allknowing superboi said...

mas masaya kasing makitang nagsa-suffer ang mga lablab natin na wala kang sinasabi kesa dadak ka ng dadak. ang labas pa non nagger ka.

eh di tahimik ka na lang. mas masaya pa. or mag one word ka nalang lagi. heheh :D

errr... di uso ang coagulate sa industriyang kinabibilangan ko hehehe :D

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