Sunday, June 8, 2008


“O, anong nangyari sa’yo? Okay ka lang ba? Akala ko naman kung ano nangyari sa’yo?”
tanong ng mga tao mula ng magpost ako ng pictures ko na naka neck collar.

Haha! Funny coz the reason I posted those pictures was because I was so bored waiting for the internet connection to connect (redundancy cammon). So,I opened the webcam of the laptop and took pictures of myself out of boredom, realized that it will be a total waste of time, effort, smiles and cuteness if I didn’t post those pics. :D So there.

What I didn’t know is that by posting those pictures, I found that men are hmm...

Nakakatawa… hindi, mali. Actually, it was a pathetic way for me to realize that people really DO NOT CARE. People wait for something atrocious to actually happen first before they learn to ask out loud those very simple words “Ok ka lang?” What’s so wrong with asking someone an out of the blue question, the type where in you just ask him or her for no apparent reason – no sad faces seen from her, no bad dreams/forecasts, no, nothing ugly at all, that seemingly undeniably difficult question, “Ok ka lang?” Really, I can’t find anything wrong or shameful with asking that. But then, if we can ask that same question to a person when they’re sad or when you see something is wrong, then I guess it isn’t, after all, a difficult question, is it?

Sorry. I am definitely grateful for those people who actually took time and effort to ask me what happened. Sorry, I didn’t mean to be so ungracious. I do appreciate the care you show me, although I know some were just curious as to what happened and are not actually concerned. (If you got affected by this last sentence, then maybe it is you that I am talking about. My advice: Reflect.) Hehe! Peace! But let’s all be honest… I wouldn’t feel anymore concerned if someone I just met a while ago were braced after 5 hours. But surely, I’m going to ask her how she feels and stuff… but that’s merely because I just want to know what happened and nothing more.

Months ago, the priest here in our church said in one of his sermons that people only react to those stories that have issues because without the negativity, it would be senseless to talk about it. True. If it’s all positive, what will the climax be? Hmmm… But still, why can’t we just ask how a person is doing without being provoked by a negative vibe?

To conclude, people really don’t care. People just have this natural tendency to be “great pretenders” when placed in a repressive situation. Coz if they do care, they would have asked someone who was all smiles if she was really okay. Coz gloomy faces, sad experiences, neck braces, ugly dreams, and the like are NOT the only indications that one is NOT okay.

Like what the circus clowns, the masks, the theater faces, and the comedians say…
“Tears fall endlessly behind the masks, the thick make-up, and the characters of those who seem to laugh their hearts out in front of you.”
No, I am not washing my hands here. I am guilty, much as you are.

Or maybe… just maybe… People are just afraid to see that in this world of cynicism, the happy faces that break the droning beat of sadness are really but a distorted reflection of one’s view of woe.
You see, this world was created ugly, but because we are all so damn intelligent, we can distort our minds to think that all is well.
Congratulations to all of us then, we are all the “great pretenders” --- the world’s best contortionist.

(plenty of miscues since i have not edited it much.
created out of depression.
reposted from multiply blog: April 27 2007)

i own the universe,
all knowing superboi


rej said...

just like the priest said "ok k lng" wouldnt have an impact if you wud be asking that to a person who seems ok - y wud u asked that after all... asking a person how he is means uve seen unusualities in that person that needs comforting if not something else. although like u said, u cant say if that person really cares or just sum1 who'll nag on ur mishaps, but hey at least uve got their attention.......coz ur superboi and im nagmamarunong na rin, hahahaha... chill

allknowing superboi said...

"y wud u asked that after all"
- why wouldn't you? minsan kasi ang tao hindi na lang sila nagpapakita na may problema sila kasi maaaring nahihiya sila na maapektuhan ang ibang tao. siguro nga dapat sa tao ipaalam niya sa buong mundo na may problema siya dahil parte siya ng mundong ito at karapatan niyang apektuhan ang ibang tao. pero responsibilidad din ng ibang taong alamin kung ano ang meron sa ibang tao na hindi kinakailangan na magkaroon muna na pagpapakita ng kahinaan o kalungkutan di ba dahil responsibilidad niya bilang tao ang magkaroon ng paki sa kapwa niya.

wahahahah!!! ang serious susme!!! :)) hahahaha :D
bati tyo reeej.. yiiii! apir! :D

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