Sunday, June 15, 2008


Prangkaness is the man! someone sent me an exclusive screening somewhere in kyuseee. so i went with a friend just to satisfy our curiosity since it did not state what company they were sa invitation. and ill be ending my freelancing career in the advertising world by the end of june. so ayun... going going going... pagpasok ko ay kamusta naman sa akin... i was super underdressed. corporate attire daw kasi... so what i wore, since i hate dressing up in formal ekek was my favorite black maong pants na maganda ang fit and hipster kung hipster, my black racerback, and my colorful jacket and slippers. ganon kasi ang mundong adbertaysing. hindi ako sa business world nakatira eh. ohmehn! pagpasok ko everyone was really wearing woooo black corporate outfits and i was like oh shit! hahaha tapos shempre all eyes on me when i entered the building. takaw pansin kasi ang jacket kong uber colorful. tapos i changed my slippers to heels. medyo bawi na. then i forgot to bring a resume. they were asking for it and i was like, uhhh i didnt bring any. tapos they asked why. i said, i wasnt even sure if i was coming here or not and i assumed na since this is an exclusive screening (via invi) then you already have a copy of our resume somewhere.

tahimik si ate.

tapos they let me fill up this form and kamooooon, wala man ako resume, talbog na sila sa form na yun. tpos i waited and my friend waited for our screeners. so ayan wait wait wait... tapos i was called na. so this girl was like asking so many questions and i was like just answering since i was no longer interested with the company (upon seeing what the company was about dun sa form na binigay nila)

tapos the panalo answers taht i gave them which i have no idea kung paano ako napaabot sa third screener knowing na i really (as in sooooooooooooper not interested na)

screener1: so how did you find out about the company?
superboi: to be frank, i dont know your company.
screener1: so you just knew about us through the invitation?
superboi: not even. i just knew about your company because of the tarps and the form you gave me just now. i texted the numbers you gave in the invitation so i could do a little research about you guys but i got no reply.
*natahimik. tapos change topic.

screener2: so what are your dislikes?
superboi: (knowing na marketing na seryooooso ang big company) i dislike selling.
screener2: oh but the job you are applying for is a selling career.
superboi: well, i did not exactly apply for this job, it was you who sent the invitation i just got curious and i think i can do great with selling but more on productions movies theater... something i really love doing
*natahimik ulit. tapos change topic.

*may pinanood sa mga nakamaraming screeners na (hindi pa kami nisiscreen ng hr at ng AVP) na nakataas lang ang kilay ko buong time at super nagtetext na ako sa friend ko na gusto ko na umalis.
superboi: excuse me?
girl: yes (ayaw niya ako lapitan)
superboi: uh, im sorry i have to go.
girl: why? (ayaw pa din niya lumapit eh sana private lang ako magpapaalam)
superboi: well, uhm, i still have an alignment meeting with a client. you said this will just be around lunchtime and it's already noon and we're still not done. sorry. (kahit ang totoo internals lang yun)
girl: (lumapit na) ay okay, we'll call you again for your interview wth the HR and the AVP.
superboi: (fake smile) okay, let's just see.

funny lang. hahahah kung kelan ka nagpapakabastos sumagot saka ka ata nagugustuhan. =)


binx said...

astig! haha. i bet they liked you for the mere fact that you stood out, literally! :P

allknowing superboi said...

hahahaha!!! ay kamooon, ayoko naman sa kanila. hahah!!! marami pa dyan sa tabi2.

gusto ko nga yumaman at sabi nila they can give me my millions by the end of the year if ung pagmamarketing ko ng mga kabagayan and stuff... but no oh no! i want to get rich dahl un ginagawa ko is something that i love doing.

gusto ko yumaman pero hindi dahil hayok ako sa pera. i have pretty good reasons for wanting to get rich, and yung mga dhailang na un, i know ay super maganda at tutulungan ako ng kapalaran na magawa un hahahah :))

taena lang tlga nila.

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