Sunday, June 1, 2008

in a relationship?

If you were to choose, what would it be?

do you prefer to be single and enjoy the perks of almost unlimited freedom?


to be in a relationship and enjoy having someone to share intimate moments with?

Pag single ka, nae-enjoy mo ang sarap ng kalayaan. You are free to go out every night with your friends without having to report your every whereabouts to someone. You are free to get wasted and not think about someone getting mad at you the next day for being worn out. No worries of forgetting dates, monthsaries or whatever. You can see anyone at anytime and anywhere, flirt with them all you want and forget them the next day. You are bound to no one, that’s the best part of it all.

Pag in a relationship ka naman, nae-enjoy mo ang sarap ng feeling ng protected. You have someone to share with your deepest darkest secrets and dreams. You are sure that even if you look like you just got out of bed, someone will still look at you with ardor. Someone is sure to protect you when people try to hurt you. You get the biggest gifts in the most special occasions. Someone will be there to worry for you and remind you of your deadlines. You have an inspiration.

But the best status in life is to be single and still have someone to fit the part of being an inspiration in your life.

You are free not to report your every whereabouts, but when you feel like it, you still can. You are free not to worry where that someone is, but if you wish to, you can still ask where they are. You can forget about them for one whole day and then remember them and worry about them the very next day. You can have some intimate moments with them, share with them your most wonderful every day experiences and dreams, and not be tied to having to remember every date and place you’ve been to. You know someone will protect you when you someone tries to hurt you, but you can also just protect yourself because you are strong just as you are. You can flirt with anybody, but still focus on that one person alone. You know you love someone and you are sure someone loves you, but the best part of it all is that you are still not bound to someone but still have an inspiration to hold on to.

So what do you prefer to be your status in life?

To be single or to be in a relationship?

Or to be just there… I don’t want to call it mutual understanding kasi it’s so… I don’tknow… the term is just so weird.


my opinion?

I don’t need someone who will limit my freedom. I need someone who can complement my need for that freedom.

I don’t need someone to protect me, and worry about / for me. I know how to protect myself.

I can worry for myself.

I don’t need someone who will alter my priorities and goals in life. No one, not even my family can alter my mind set.

what i need is someone who can argue with me on the simplest subjects because he wants me to expand my knowledge.

what i need is someone who is not afraid to show that he is in touch with his other side-- the emotional one.

what i need is someone who loves the world as i love it-- complete with all its kapangitan at kagandahan.

what i need is someone who is my friend, my family, my lover, my enemy, my savior, my positive and negative poles.

kapilas ng utak ko. kahati ng puso ko. karamay sa buhay ko.

It will really take a very great person to make me change my mind.

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