Saturday, July 5, 2008

Love love...

There will always be that man in your life (not your father nor your brother) who will always be special to you. That even if you get married to another guy some day or fall in love with other men, that special person will always be there… untouched in that chamber in your heart where the only persons whom you allow to enter are those exceptional people just like him.

I don’t know about some girls, maybe it will be their first love or their first boyfriend. Maybe he will be that guy in kindergarten with whom she shared crayons with or the boy next door who taught her how to skate. She might meet him when she was still 4 years old or maybe 40 years old. Yes, he might not exactly be her boyfriend.

He might be just your average friend. Someone who jokes about the sloppy way you dress or the guy who treats you like you are one of the boys. He laughs at you when you’re wearing lipstick or in a girly dress. He is just a friend.

But he’s special because you love him. No matter what happens, you love him. He shares his darkest secrets with you, and still you love him. He’s naked immaturity is there in front of you, but still you love him. You don’t even know the reasons why you love him and why of all people, your heart chooses to beat for him. Everything about him becomes okay for you. Even if you know all about his imperfections, you ignore it coz you see the other side of it all.

He is special because you know that you want to take good care of him. You know that you can’t afford seeing him in pain.

Maybe you have met him, that special guy in your life that you will always and forever love even if you get married someday; that special guy you never want to hurt.

I guess I have met mine.


so as someone has said, my blog is turning into a place for
love posts. hahaha! well, love has many categories...
love for family, friends, work, advertising, self, God, enemies,
religion, and what have yous...

bahala na kayo magcategorize ng mga nababasa niyo :)


karmi said...

usapang pag-ibig. =)

oo nga, pwedeng nakilala mo na sya.. ^_^ hmm, napaisip tuloy ako.. sino kaya itong "special guy" na ito sa akin.. hehehe..


salamat sa pagdaan sa blog ha. :D salamat din sa comment.. tc!

allknowing superboi said...

hahaha komski ba ang pangalan? hahahahah

salamat din sa pagdaan :D

Anonymous said...


oh it is love


elyens tu da maksimum label


allknowing superboi said...

hahahah elyens?

allknowing superboi said...

ay kamoon ikaw pala ang elyen. ahahha :))

yooo lab it is

mnel said...

hala! si superboi ay supergirl na! hehe.

it's good to be in love but the challenge on loving someone rests not on jumping overboard and falling in love, rather, it's on how to keep that companionship intact even when you've lost that (giddy) luvin' feeling. :)

grace said...

oh my! i think i can relate to this post.

Anonymous said...

hey,na-confuse ako sau.super boi pero girl.wehehe.kulet.thanks for visiting mine. would u mind if i add u.x-links tau?


enday said...


ang lupit ng topic na to..


tingin ko din na meet ko na yung akin. yung tipong kahit di man sya yung makatuluyan ko.

that guy will always be special for me.


Niel Camhalla said...

its great to be in love! woohoo!

allknowing superboi said...


hahah anobe docmnel. babae naman talaga ako eeeeh :P ahahhaha!!!

well, yes yes yo! it's nice to be in love and to keep the love alive during the kilig and the not so kilig moments. :)

well... the post was just a random thought... :D

allknowing superboi said...


yiiiheee... who would that guy be? that person whom you'll always keep in your heart even if you marry someone else? :)

allknowing superboi said...

@ Kurisujae:

hahahah!!! i am a girlalooo sweetie :P hehehe sureness let's ex-links :D

allknowing superboi said...


ayun yown eh! woohooo!!! :D

di ba ang sarap lang na may ganon, although minsan may kurot sa puso pa din. waaah :D

allknowing superboi said...


yes love is really a wonderful feeling. even if you no longer are with that person hahahah :))

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