Sunday, August 31, 2008

Blunt. Bland.

She was so sure of herself, not until you came.

Her defenses were high from past years of experience, but all these came tumbling down because you came into her life. You know, she was was so strong. She did not need anyone to help her survive. How can you take it when you know that you are the reason why she is slowly crumbling? You took all her defenses away, leaving her vulnerable to hurt and defeat. You are to blame why she's slowly dying.

Her heart is burn out from all her desires that go tastelessly to the nothingness of your relationship or
is there even a relationship to begin with?


You are insensate not to feel and even see that she became or was even from the very start...

Everything you needed, but sadly, did not want.

adik mode na naman ako.fic


FerBert said...


tinamaan ako doon ah.. haha

leviuqse said...

personal experience ba to sam?

allknowing superboi said...

FB FB FB FB FB!!!!!!

amisyu dude! ok ka na?

haaaay, sometimes people settle for what is of lesser value. hayaan natin sila!

allknowing superboi said...


hahahaha some kinda... shet! hahahah :))

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