Wednesday, August 27, 2008


singsabog at lutang ng isip ko ang entry na ito na naalala kong di ko ever na-publish sa multiply ko.


   ... just act as if nothing ever happened.

   ... just wonder why your eyes are tinier than the usual.

   ... just speak with 'sense.'

                  ... no in betweens

                  ... no underlying messages.


   ... just be you.

tomorrow you will change.

   you made yourself do it. yes... y-o-u. not i, he, she, they.

   you know you're strong regardless of what you say I say or he she they say...

                                                           deep inside you are...

   you know who you are regardless of what words they put into your mouth...

                                                           you are not who they want you to be...

you are you.

do not care.

In this world, apathy rules.

you will change, not because they made you do it.

change because you are beginning to adapt them and you don't want to be like them...

and so now that it is not yet happening... you will return to who you really are.

get sick then die then resurrect back to who you really are.


karmi said...

mama sama. ang deep.

parang chant nung binabasa ko.. :)

tomorrow you will change.
tomorrow you will change.
tomorrow you will change.


allknowing superboi said...

hahahha naku!

ektweli mommy eh ano tong website ko,. online kulto ahahaha :D

di ba?

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