Monday, September 22, 2008


This i wrote months months moooonths back. I am tamad right now to make kwento my taxi driver story so eto nalang muna... REposting from multiply (CLICK)

The idea behind this was that bad vibes eat you up... may it be power, greed, whatever. Plus, it is not only you who get affected but a whole lot of people, especially those whom you are immediately exposed to.

i guess there are those few people who want things for the wrong reasons. You try to correct them and they question your intention... then they get eaten up by their excessive desire for whatever it is and then blindly believe that what they want belongs to those very few excemptions in life under the category "true good to be true."

sabi nga nila... With great power comes great responsibility.

wake up little susie? i guess you're now awake.


i loveD you with all my heart.

For every painful thing that you do, i swallow my pride just because of you. In every sleeping and waking moment, I think of you... how i can make everything better just for you.


after all my kind words to assure that everything will be for you, still doubt clouds your mind and you question my intention.
i've long been patient with that crap you're keeping... and it's really irritating that it's swallowing you whole.
where do you get the idea that a bed of roses won't hurt you?
it will hurt you... pain you. make you bleed.

you need a very good bump in the head.


gillboard said...

pansin ko ang mga post ng mga tao ngayon parang iisa ang theme... kelangan mauntog... bakit kaya?

alex said...

hehehe pansin ko rin gill!

heyyy nice header sam!

Dakilang Tambay said...

maganda siya :)

superboi said...

Dear Gillboard,

panahon ngayon kasi ng paghahanap ng sarili. binabagyo ang utak ng mga tao... kaya kailangan mauntog ng mawala ang bagyo.


superboi said...

Dearest Alex,

ikaw din nagbago ng layout... ako hanggang header lang talaga haha :P

superboi said...

Hi Mia,

wow. salamat sa pagcomment :)

lei said...

di ako makarelate, la kc akong jowa. hahaha.

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