Sunday, September 28, 2008

Papa Papa Paano Ako Ginawa?

as sent by Howie Severino in one of my ygs.
This monday on I-Witness.
(at bihira lang ako magpromote ng show na galing sa siyete...
pag news or dokyus from siyete sige go lang ako
sa pagpromote kasi magaling talaga sila dun)

Most parents go through an awkward stage when they need to try to explain sexuality to their children. Howie Severino is entering that stage now with his curious six-year-old son Alon, who asks when and how his sibling(s) will come.That innocent query begins Howie's search for a way to answer a child's vital questions. The search takes him to a bishop, a teacher, a youth advocate, a lawyer, a health worker, and other young kids -- but also to discoveries about the state of sexuality education in the Philippines. He brings Alon to a progressive school where gender issues are openly discussed with small children, and to a kids workshop in Malabon on gender and sexuality where even pre-teens are introduced to ways of protecting themselves against sexually transmitted disease.

It is the same place in Malabon where Howie returns to learn about widespread youth problems that advocates say are borne out of inadequate information about sexuality: irresponsible sexual practices, the alarming spread of gonorrhea, teen pregnancies. Howie meets earnest youth advocate Kiko who overcomes taboos to talk to teens about knowing their bodies, the proper use of condoms, and identifying disgusting diseases contracted through sex.

Debate is raging now in Congress over the future of sex education. But the real battleground may be in places like Malabon where the stakes are life and death, and the future of its young residents.


pchi said...

nice posts!

I think 6 is very early for sex education

maybe 10 will do..

kung hanggang saan lang yung kayang iexplain at maintindihan ng bata.. basta hindi lang lies

superboi said...

hahahah if you're here in the philippines you should watch I Witness later :D

lei said...

sa 22o lang it depends talaga sa mga parents. dpat naman kasi talaga open ang parent-child relationship para kahit ano napag.uusapan at di nagkakahiyaan.

Open ung mama ko sa amin kaya bata palang kami alam na namin ung ganyan. although hindi sinasabi kung paano gawin ng actual, which is 'duh' nga naman, eh parang binabanggit-banggit na rin sa amin ung mga ganyang bagay. lalo na pagdating ng puberty, nandyan ung pasimpleng pagnagkwe-kwentuhan kami, sasabihin, "oh, wag masyadong malandi kundi mabubuntis agad. kapag nabuntis kayo pano na? pano nyo yan bubuhayin?". ung mga ganun. kapag lagi naman binabanggit tumatatak naman sa ulo at hindi dadaan lang sa tenga. tignan nio ung di man lang napag.usapan ng magulang at ng bata, ung bata nakipag sex na agad ng wala man lang naiintindihan tungkol dun. tsk.tsk.

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