Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Sassy Girl

Because QTV (channel 11) RUINED one my favorite movies by dubbing it into Filipino, I decided to watch the Korean movie with the English subtitle here sa laptop for the NTH TIME.

I know most girls wish that Gyeon-woo really exists. The type of guy who’s actually not afraid to cry or be in the mercy of the girl he loves. Though at the same time, he’s still like any other guy who likes to look at other girls but chooses to remain loyal and true to that one love of his life. (Hmm? Does that kind of guy still exist?)

Could her pain be cured by now? Maybe it means she doesn’t need me anymore.

Let’s see… the excruciating part of having a peculiar relationship with someone is not knowing where to stand after a forever of having him run to you when he is sad or happy. Then all of a sudden you’re nowhere— someone comes along and does your supposed to be job for him or finally the person has learned to move on. But what the heck, you engaged yourself in the most unusual situation hence, you must be aware from the very beginning of its probable effects. Boo much? Yeah yeah, two years ago, I was in that kind of relationship and two years after, I am okay… I guess.

Seeing a girl cry makes me sad for some reason.

The hardest part of seeing someone cry, most especially for a girl to see a boy cry, is not knowing how to comfort him or make him feel better. Girls are most of the time the damsels in distress, so what should a princess do if her prince cries, right? It is heartbreaking and at the same time, for us, empowering. I guess, one of the secret fantasies of girls, though I am not speaking in behalf of the population, is to be the knights in shining armor for their prince(s).

While watching her sleep like a baby, it maybe too forward
but it occurred to me, I want to heal her sorrow.


Sassy Girl:
I must be hurt still. I think I’ll never get over him.

Somewhere in your lifetime, I feel, you will meet that one person who will remain forever in your heart and mind; the type of person who, for no apparent reason at all, stays there, haunting you of past happiness and pains. Sad, but yeah, it can happen.

Sassy Girl:
The pain goes away sooner than you think.

For me, it’s NOT. You never get over a person. You just try your best to bury all your feelings—the hurt, the pain and everything else, deep inside you to the point that you manage to convince the people around you and even yourself that you are indeed better… till you really get better.

I know her. She pretends to be happy, but she’s full of sorrow inside.

Yeah yeah.

Sometimes I feel like I know her and sometimes I don’t.

Like what they say, you can never really know a person even if you were with him (her) for a lifetime. People have megamillions of things to share about themselves that even after hundreds of years with someone, there’s always enough room for another story to share.

…But now, I can’t give her up.

Giving up depends on you. Most people give up on the littlest of things. Others, no matter how hurt and troubled they already are with something, still go and pursue whatever that is they are pursuing. It is simply because they love and they see reason behind their fight(s).

Sassy Girl:
I thought I was different, but I’m just a helpless girl.

People do not like showing their weakness(es) off to others, especially friends and loved ones, not because they are egotistical, but more of not wanting to bother others with their problems. Sadly, the easiest way to escape the reality that you are vulnerable to pain and disappointment is to pretend that everything is going as planned. However, if you ask me, we can’t always be our own superheroes. The recognition of your helplessness and your need for other people to take your pain away is a better method of being okay. Even superman needs help sometimes.

Sassy Girl:
I prayed to him to let me free.

God and those people we seek in heaven (the angels, the saints and our dearly departed) do not remove our pain. He/they teach us to live with it and forgive ourselves and the person who have hurt us so we can continue on with our lives.

Sassy Girl:
If we were destined to meet, I know we’ll meet somewhere.

Life is full of surprises. Who knows what the future brings, right?

”…Just for you, even if waiting is hopeless,
it’s already enough, to think of love.
Time means nothing to me…”
– My Sassy Girl OST


arvin said...

Meron akong niblog na kowt galing sa movie na yan, kasi napag-isipan ko rin kahit kaunti, hehe. Yung sa dulo "Fate is building a bridge for the one you love.":D

Either; Fate is building a bridge, 'tas ikaw na lang ang bahala kung tatawid ka o hinde:P

Or; Fate is us building a bridge for the one we love, hehehe:P Parang dapat may gawin tayo, para sa mga gusto natin:D

Haay, love the movie:D

gillboard said...

di ko pa to napapanood.

lunes said...

hmmm.. sassy girl syndrome ba ito?? maganda nga naman ang mga lines sa movie na ito.and xmpre hay, nakakakilog na rin...


teresa said...

gsto ko rin yan,hehe.
maganda rin ung isang korean movie na na watch ko, A MOMENT TO REMEMBER,
para naman syang The Notebook.hehe.

sana nga nag i-exist si Gyeon-woo,noh?

SAMIEBOI said...

RVN:love the movie too :) bob ong bob quotes mas naaassociate ko sayo e

GILLBOARD: panoorin mo dali dali sayang ang kalahati ng buhay mo :) joke lang pero maganda pramis!

LUNES: hahah maganda pagkaka translate nila to English heheheh

TERESA: hahaha nag eexist si GyeonWoo naniniwala ako. :) maniwala ka lang din para masyaa at manonood ako ng sinasabi mong movie :D thanks thanks

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