Sunday, November 16, 2008

evaporate, big person

In my slow evaporation process... in my short abrupt absences (or for who knows how long) in your life, I do hope that the universe will make you happier and/or make me happy. That in the distance, you will find what you are missing, and probably, see my worth. That at the very least, when you have seen the "best" of the world, you will still turn back to me and still choose me above all the other much more considerable paragons.
I just have to trust time and space to freeze that moment for me, if and only if it ever happens. So that someday when I remember to remember, I can capture the essence of that fleeting memory.... ... ... never asked me to leave. i just feel that you no longer need me nor do i still make you happy. the ball is on your court. it's forever up to you to do whatever:
keep the ball forever, pass it back to me, or pass it to another person that will make your heart leap, dance, jump, smile... yes, it's what i've always wanted, to see you smile...
i just want you to be happy... 


take my heart back
leave your pictures on the floor
steal back my memories
i cant take it anymore
i've cried my eyes out
oh, now i face the years
the way you loved me
vanish all the tears...



Anonymous said...

haaaaaaaayyyyy..... yan na lang talaga ang masabi ko

superboi said...

bakit naman napabuntong hininga ka?

can relate ka ba?

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