Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

Holocaust. Auschwitzch-Concentration Camp. Nazi Genocide.
I did not expect the ending to be sooo... sad. I swear. Nalungkot ako. This is one of those books you put under the category "I-got-deceived-by-the-cover-and-the-font-size-used-in-the-body-text" kind.

John Boyne, the author, mixes the [1] innocence of a nine year old kid and son of one of (The Fury) Hitler's Commandants, Bruno, and [2] one of the most terrifying, disturbing and most denied event in our history, that is the Holocaust (Death Camp / Auschwitzch Concentration Camp / haShoah / Nazi Genocide of the Jews).

Bruno's father had dinner with The Fury (pertaining to Hitler, but wasn't exactly mentioned in the story) and got promoted to be his [The Fury's] Commandant. With a promotion at hand, Bruno's father was assigned to lead one of the many concentration camps at that time, Out With Camp in Poland. Sad as they were, the family of Bruno left Berlin and moved in to the house near the camp.

At the time they moved in, he [Bruno] had seen from his window people wearing the same Blue and White striped pajamas at the other side of a fence that was safely guarded by his father's soldiers. He got curious, and like any other nine year old kid and with no friends to play with, Bruno wandered around the area to explore and find an answer. But since there was a fence that separated them from those people, Bruno had no choice but to explore only at the boundaries of that fence. There he met Schmuel, a nine year old Jew (who was on the other side of the fence and was wearing the same blue and white striped pajamas). Everyday, Schmuel and Bruno met at that side of the fence, and became friends (though a fence separated them).

One day, Schmuel's father disappeared. He asked Bruno's help. Since Bruno looked like Schmuel (explained in the book how that happened) and he [Bruno] wanted to help his only friend there, they decided and agreed that Bruno will wear the same blue and white striped pajamas and crawl underneath the fence so that he can help Schmuel look for his father on the other side of the fence--- the Out With Camp's side.

Then the most unexpected ending happened.

I'm sorry if magulo ang pagkakakwento ko ata. Pero nagegets niyo naman di ba? Kahit paano. Malungkot ang book. Aakalain mo sa una na book lang siya ng isang bata lalo na pag nabuksan niyo yung libro. But my goodness, if you really read it, you'll feel how heavy the whole thing is.

I don't know if you guys will appreciate the book, but I did. That event in our history was denied by so many. A lot believed that it was but only a fabricated story to create a scary image of Hitler. But it did happen and for most of us, especially those people who still do not believe that it did occur, a question lingers how such a brutal and unforgivable act can be so real and still be denied by so many.

Sadly, violence do exist and innocence can kill.


"Fences like this exist all over the world.
We hope you never have to encounter one."

i do hope. hahahaaay.

*ahem* thank you BULITAS for buying (and sending) me this book all the way from the united states of ambitions. like i said, i hate you for purchasing it and telling me to wait for santa claus (in blue suit) last Christmas. hahahaha! thanks meeeeeeeeeh! :*


karmi said...

naghahanap ako ng bagong librong babasahin, kaso, medyo di ko ata gusto ung malungkot na kwento (hahaha. pero paborito ko si Nicholas Sparks..)

aba, gift pala ni irvin ang book. ^_^ naks.. buti pa ung libro nasa Pinas na.. hehehe.. nainggit eh noh.. :P

superboi said...


kids book. mature story. hahah :D

yeah buti pa ang libro nakauwi na. hahahaha shucks.

bulitas said...

haha. buti p ang book. sheeze.
hapinuyir meh!

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