Thursday, January 1, 2009


Have you ever wondered why some people find more happiness than others? Why some people live well and die happy, while others die with regret? I asked people to tell me the one person they knew who had found true happiness and had something to teach us. Hundreds of people, with 18000 years of experiences shared their secrets.

They told me, the five secrets we must discover before we die.

BE TRUE TO YOUR SELF. There is an inner voice inside of us that tells us what we want, but we must have the discipline to listen, and the courage to follow.

LEAVE NO REGRETS. When I asked them what they regretted, they did not regret their failures. They wished they had risked more. The greatest fear at the end of life is not death or failure but that our last words will be, "I wish I had."

BECOME LOVE. Remember that love is the one thing that matters most. They told me love was the greatest source of meaning and the source of most regret. If there is something you have to say, say it sooner, even if you don't feel ready.

LIVE THE MOMENT. They told me it all goes by so fast. See each day as a gift. Choose not to waste it. Wherever you are, really be there.

The final secret they said...

GIVE MORE THAN YOU TAKE. When I asked, "What has given your life meaning?" They said... That the things we take for granted have no meaning, but we remember what we left behind.

Find something that matters to you and give all your heart to it:
a cause.
a child.
a dream.

They said
happiness cannot be sought, it is a byproduct of serving.

I asked them about dying. They told me, if you really live, if you discover the five secrets, you won't be afraid to die.

Whatever mistakes you have made, no matter how many regrets you have, plant a new tree today. This is what the wise elders wanted me to know...

The five secrets:


from the The Five Secrets by John Izzo

if you want a more dramatic effect, CLICK ME!

Start the year right guys? Time to reboot ourselves.



gillboard said...

hanep 4 posts in less than 24 hours!!! what a way to end and start a year...

Happy New Year!!!

kosa said...

happy new year!

sa unang tanong tayo magfocus!!!!

swertehan lang yan parekoy pingkoy!

nasa dugo yan.. sa ugali at paligid..

linga ka lang sa tabi mo nasa tabi mo na pala yung sagot..
hahaha.. hang-over lols.. anu ba tong pinagsasabi ko..

sige happy valentines na din..
harooo harooo

alex said...

very nice post to start a new year!

kaya ka pala high and upbeat! hehe

happy new year sammie!

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