Saturday, May 8, 2010

Photo Blog/Survey [a repost from Multiply with some revisions]

BEWARE: LARGE PHOTOS AHEAD, so you can see yourselves! Haha! I had fun answering this one, although I got tired looking for photos to put in this survey. Enjoy, and my apologies if you won't be seeing your face(s) in some photos. It doesn't mean that I don't love you, I just got tamad looking for photos. Peace! ----------------------

1. a picture of you in your room.

one oh one

one oh two

2. a picture with someone you don't really like.

Mainly because I never really got to enjoy my Nursery Life. Hahaha!

3. a picture of you very drunk.


I am so not drunk in this photo (taken at Gweilos). I was just playing around just for the photo opp.

4. a picture of you on your birthday, or your favorite holiday.


Pat, Ria and I headed to Greenhills to celebrate my 21st birthday. It was so much fun hanging around with these two.

5. the youngest picture you can find of yourself in digital form.


First year college, when camera phone photos and wallet size prints were popular. You said first digital photo, right? Back in hs, we were users of the old cameras.

6. a picture of you in one of your favorite outfits.


I actually haven't taken a picture of myself recently wearing my real favorite outfit, so instead, I just grabbed from my archives a photo of me wearing colorful clothes since I love those which are uber colorful.

7. a picture of you making a goofy face at the camera.


Ooh, I have tons of goofy photos. But this I like.

8. a picture you might have edited to make yourself more attractive.


Photo taken at Carla's house. I looked like an alipin. Wahaha!

9. a picture of a night you regret.

nine and fifteen

This was the last photo of us complete (with my former team at Publicis Manila). Regrets? Because I went home right after and wasn't able to bond with them.

10. a picture of you being truly yourself.


Having fun!

11. the most recent picture of you.


Photo taken the other day.

12. a picture of you being absolutely ridiculous.


Remember my commercial album days? This I shot when I was so bored because of the suspension of classes.

13. a picture of you showing off a new haircut/color.


When I got my "she-bangs."

14. a picture of a time in your life that's over, but you wish it wasn't.



nine and fifteen

I loved Publicis.

15. a picture of a time in your life that's over, and you couldn't be more thankful that it is.

nine and fifteen

Third use of this photo. Though I was sad that I resigned from Publicis, I am still thankful 'coz ... i needed some alone time.

16. a picture of you when you were anything but happy.


PetSoc (both literal and figurative).

17. a picture of you that you had no idea was being taken.


Erm, I think while waiting for us to start shooting our Bjourn TV News report.

18. a picture of you when you were a different person than you are now.


I am far from what I was back then.

19. a picture of you with someone you love.

nineteen aa

nineteen blocmates


nineteen highschool

nineteen kadaone

nineteen kadatwo

nineteen s27

nineteen ube

nineteen family

nineteen budie

nineteen buddy

nineteen elbionebest

nineteen elbithreebest

nineteen elbitwobest

nineteen besprens

20. a picture of how you'd like the world to see you.


mysterious and beautiful

21. a picture that describes how you'd like to spend every day.



22. a picture of a time when everything was changing.


photo says it all.

23. a picture that makes your head hurt.


wala ng edit. ang sakit nga sa ulo. haha!

24. a picture that makes your heart smile.


The busy life, then. The THEN.

25. A picture of one of the best days/nights of your life.


Open to interpretation. Yes, you are part of this banner.

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