Sunday, November 8, 2009


Dear Universe,

Hindi lang sayo umiikot ang mundo, okay?
Wala ka rin ibang sisihin kundi Saturn, kasi clouds are not solid.
At pinag-iisipang maigi hindi lang ang mga pag-atake,
kundi higit sa lahat, ang mga pag-atras.

Sometimes I wish I never had to go through that rollercoaster of emotions which you made me experience last year, Universe. Though thankful that I got what I needed from that experience, it still has an effect on me, you know. Remember that defense mechanism I developed overtime to protect myself from my former perpetrator(s)? Well, I've never been as sharp-tongued before. I mean, yes, I've always been (brutally) honest but not to the point that I am able to break other people the way I got broken. Real sad on my part as I'm really not as bad as people assume I am.

I really wish I'm back to the old Sam. :(

And I'm really sorry that I broke you... It was never my intention.

a blog post drafted on Oct 24 of this year. reason behind this: forgotten already.

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