Friday, January 22, 2010


Hallo Universe,

You know how often times I tell the world, that the reason why I technically own the universe is because most of the time, if not all the time, what I think for, wish for, request for, blah for with all my heart and soul AND without the slightest hint of doubt, is given to me in all its grandiosity?

I remember quite well, year 2007, when I was decided to make that last year in college my own, everything that I did was well... pretty much successful. All of my projects and campaigns in school won several awards and recognitions. At the (not so) tender age of 19, my skills were already being solicited by a company which we only spoke about in books and congresses. I was King Midas. Everything I touched turned to gold.

After that year, you know how totally lost I was. I begged to be stuck in 2007. I begged for two years to please give me a chance to grow up and finally give a damn!

Two years later, 10 lbs fatter, and two companies after, here I am again, back to that let's feed your ego stage. Tadaaa, surprising me with all sorts of chances that can... might... will blind me sooner or later. I badly need some time off (only chance I get is on weekends) to think my life and weight the consequences of my future actions.

Universe, I am not complaining that you are giving my 2007 back. But do enlighten me as I do not want to go astray this time. This, I beg you.

Much love,

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