Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Gulp® Your Vote!

Beginning March 10 2010, 7-Eleven Philippines will be giving the entire Filipino nation a voice in the upcoming Presidential elections through the 7-Elections.

It hopes to highlight the Filipino's Presidential options by making sure that all the Presidentiables--the top five, namely Manny Villar, Joseph Estrada, Richard Gordon, Noynoy Aquino, and Gilbert Teodoro alongside fellow candidates Jamby Madrigal, JC de Los Reyes, Nicanor Perlas, Eddie Villanueva, even the voter's right to abstain, are represented. The idea is to engage the greater public in this national initiative anchored on the value of freedom of choice and underscore the importance of responsible voting.

To ensure the veracity of each vote, each Presidentiable is assigned a specific barcode, which 7-Eleven cashiers will scan upon purchase of your Gulp® cup. All votes are carefully audited and may be verified online at www.7-elections.com.ph where the public can also view updates on detailed polling results, to give the public regular updates on the Presidential race. Voters may even share their vote thru Facebook.

"This has the potential to provide a pulse on the upcoming National elections. Our strong network of over 450 stores caters to Filipinos from all walks of life and may offer a good indication of how the real elections will turn out," ends Mr. Paterno.

And because Every Gulp® Counts! Filipinos can literally drink to their candidate.

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