Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Election aftermath: G1BO is still my President

It breaks my heart so much to see the tentative results of this year's elections. I badly want G1BO to win.
I just don't understand why most people prefer Noynoy over him, so please enlighten me. And I don't
understand why people keep insisting that G1BO is Arroyo's puppet. He's not. He has brains, I don't think
he'll allow anybody to run his life.

It's just sad... and yes, I'm crying over the fact that tomorrow, I'll wake up to a new administration that I don't think will make Philippines grow. :(


1 comment:

bulitas said...

pinag -uusapan namin to ni moki teh other day.
gibo could've won kung hindi siya inendorse ng admin.

trust issues. sayang.

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