Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Father-friendly Food for the Man of the House

This Fathers’ Day, keep your dad away from those greasy and heart-stopping meals he can never get enough of.
 Though they may be the ones who would do all the reminding, who says children can’t teach their fathers anything? With the help of Doña Elena Cusinera Club–a group of individuals who vies for good health with good food, dads are in for a hearty treat on his special day. “This Father’s Day, we want sons and daughters out there to learn how to cook delicious and guilt-free dishes for their dads,” the club’s resident chef Golda Laurel-Liamzon explained.

Known for putting premium on health, DECC has been teaching Filipinos the right way to cook and eat. “We make sure we provide a healthier lifestyle and better nutrition to everyone,” Chef Golda said. This time, the renowned cuisine community has come up with recipes rich in antioxidants to keep fathers healthy and away from diseases.

One famous product Doña Elena is known for is its olive oil which will be used as one of the key ingredients of DECC’s Fathers’ Day recipes. “For one, Doña Elena Olive Oil is antioxidant-rich, that’s why we added it with easy-to-cook meals on Fathers’ Day,” Professor Luchie Callanta, a faculty member of the University of the Philippines College of Home Economics and the club’s nutritionist discussed.

Antioxidants are known to keep cells healthy and prevent damages to the body which can cause diabetes, heart diseases and cancer, – illnesses that dads are more prone to have as they face unavoidable stress and ageing. Rich in antioxidants, Doña Elena Olive Oil increases HDL (good cholesterol) helps clear clogged arteries that cause strokes and other heart problems.

So to jumpstart Fathers’ Day with a healthy and hearty kick, Chef Golda has prepared two father-friendly dishes that will indeed serve him well.

With dads always on the go, what better way to satisfy their hunger and keep them healthy than to serve them with quick, light yet satisfying snacks? With DECC’s Chili con Carne Tacos, dads won’t be able to resist this healthy, crunchy, and cheesy Mexican delight. “This is a very easy snack to whip up, even kids can do it!” Chef Golda said.

To serve him with his main course, DECC’s Whiskey Glazed Pork Chop is just the right meal to get his meat fix. “Fathers like their meat and with a healthy mix of Doña Elena Olive Oil, whiskey and pork, he’s sure to be satisfied,” Liamzon shared.

And instead of letting dad drink his usual beer, why not use it as an ingredient to cook up a generous plate of Beer-battered Fish and Chips? With Doña Elena Olive Oil as its base cooking oil, this delicious dish is nothing to be guilty about. DECC’s Beer-battered Fish and Chips is indeed a quick fix for dads who want a little kick of their favorite alcoholic beverage to their snack.

This Fathers’ Day, instead of going out and eating at your staple restaurant, cook up something dad would eat and doubly enjoy because of the health benefits he can get. You can be the one to start him living a healthier lifestyle.

 For further info, you can log on or call our Doña Elena Cuisinera Club Secretariat at 713-8144.


Chili con Carne Tacos

Beer-battered Fish and Chips

Whiskey Glazed Pork Chop 

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