Sunday, June 20, 2010

Soon to open : The Cafe 5845 Manila

Fueled by the love for their fellow countrymen who were typhoon victims at the time, the culinary institute and the well-loved food brand spearheaded this groundbreaking culinary event last December 14. A two-fold celebration which highlights the school’s journey to a world record has been organized by the two institutions. Last June 17, a golden commemorative marker was mounted on the MIHCA school grounds which contained the names of all those who were behind the project. 

ooh yeah, Guinness!
Alongside commemorating culinary heroes, a recipe book authored by famous philanthropist, entrepreneur and cook Ms. Doris Magsaysay Ho was launched.

And if that’s not enough, MIHCA and Kraft Foods Philippines will be marking another first in the culinary world by launching Café 5845. Café 5845 will stand as the first cheese café in the world that will serve the widest variety of cheese dishes. Found at the SM Mall of Asia, the public will get the chance to enjoy 5,845 cheese-infused unique dishes prepared by MIHCA. Café 5845 will run for one whole month and will be serving different dishes every day.

So yeah, I am sooooooper happy and excited to witness the first ever cheese cafe in the world this July :)


FerBert said...

nagbabalog ka pa rin pala samie.

ang i like yer layout

superboi said...

Hahaha honey I still do. Usually PR stuff na lang ng accounts ko. Pero minsan may konting heartaches. Wala na nga eh... mapurol na ako magenglish at filipino blog blog yaknow... saka hindi na ako makapagdrama dito mashado... hehehe

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