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Why the University of the Philippines won this year's UAAP Cheerdance Competition [2010]...

I've always been an avid fan of the cheering competitions that happen every year for the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP). Back in highschool, when Nestle Non-stop was still the sponsor (hahaha!), I've always admired the University of the Philippines' (UP) skills and mastery of their craft. Moreso their ability to come up with a routine totally different from the other universities. I wasn't even considering the University of Santo Tomas (UST) as a competitor of the state university. All my admiration and respect was reserved for UP. But when I was on my last year in highschool, I began to notice how much UST has evolved through the years, and yes, how UP was no longer as interesting as they were when I first followed their uhm, career? (in lack of a better term).

Then I had to graduate from highschool, and eventually had to study in UST. There I realized that the Salinggawi Dance Troupe was super awesome. I mean you see them on TV, and they're like already awesome, but in real life, it's like waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay way better. :) So my love for the UP Pep Squad diminished. But of course, it was school spirit kicking in! :) Hahah! Anyways, during my four year stay in UST, Gawi was always the one declared as champions every cheerdance season, which was of course, I took pride of. :) Then I had to graduate from college and eventually work. Then Gawi had to lose their championship crown on their sixth attempt for it, and then eventually lose their spot on the top three. And then they're back again, and I know for sure, they're going to regain the title and will keep the championship crown for the longest time that they could possibly can and then a cycle will again happen.

And so after a long story about Gawi and myself, what do I have to say to this year's competition?

Coming from the 'outside world', minus the whole school spirit thing that I had when I was still studying, I can say that the University of the Philippines deserved to win. I see a lot of people saying how the state u's routine was bland and had no W-O-W factor, how Far Eastern University's way better tham them... (See? UST's so humble, they're happy as 3rd placers. Hahahah!!!! :D ), but really, have they actually evaluated every considerable aspect of the fight? :)

Last year, FEU was very deserving to win---minus, of course, the weird Sarimanok that they had as props for the dance instead of a Tamarraw, their routine last year was utterly impressive. :) This year, however, let's give it up to UP. Their routine was simple--- yet, very clean. And their pyramids, and flipping and throwing and everything else, were difficult to perfect, mind everyone who doesn't know the science of the flipping shiznits. :) [Well, UP had better master the science of the flipping and tossing and what have you, coz most (if not all) of them are taking of Sports Sciene, yeah?]

FEU was also very impressive, but routine wise, everything's been done before already (Sorry, honeys!). However, they were very good in executing the whole dance, very clean and crisp, if I may say! :) Much much much deserving than UST for the first runner up position, definitely! So kudos to FEU!

And hell yeah, congrats Unibersidad ng Pilipinas! :) Kudos to a simple yet well executed change of routine.

And if you still don't believe they're good, here:

The University of the Philippines' PEP SQUAD

The University of Santo Tomas' SALINGGAWI DANCE TROUPE

The Far Eastern University's CHEER DANCERS

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