Friday, September 10, 2010

you just don't

I haven't been THAT inspired for almost a year. There are moments of disappointment and happiness, but nothing too grand to merit a post from me. I know it's a good/bad thing, but my writing skills are getting rusty because of it.

See, I no longer write the way that I wrote back in college. Back when I was still an active Multiply user, people would always comment on how much an entry touched them, or reflected their pain. That was because college was full of disappointments and pain, of random encounters with strangers, of stupid days with friends, of life.

I wrote wonderfully back then.

But now, it's difficult for me to event start an entry, and it's frustrating.

Work has made me dull. Much as I want to share stories about my daily activities, my every days are uneventful. 

I want to write again. No need for pain, God. It's not really necessary. I just need an eventful day to bring back my inspiration to write. :(

much love,

1 comment:

bulitas said...

hi superboi.

sabi nga sa nabas ako somewhere:

just write.

regardless of what your mind, your friends, and y our universe tells you. just write. eventually, you'll get the drift.


take care.


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