Friday, October 15, 2010

What I do to cope up with sadness?

I take photos of myself.

Yes, vanity is the answer to moving on, simply because, loving yourself is the only way to move on. I am perfectly aware that I have grown fat and ugly over the past months. Even now as I speak, I'm eating a whole lot of fatty foods found in the fridge.

Anway, thank heavens for webcams and FRIENDS, taking photos of myself (and with other people) is no longer that hard.

With one of my bosses, Brad.

My co-fishmate, Zarinaaaaah!

Hello to the kuyas of our office, Jessie, Biboi and Allan. They should be wearing the same color of shirts everyday, I have no idea why. (Kuya Biboi, bakit di ka naka purple?)

BJ galore. Bidyoke (Videoke) is one of our past times in the office, aside from of course, drinking and wasting the night away. :) With Katt and Ash. Us, looking stupid while we dance to whatever song was playing at that time.

Oh, Cess, I miss you :( The last time we videoked, it was like, shit mehn! Hahahah With Cess, Ash and Cathy.

We were just laughing that night. What stupid faces! hahahaah

We finished a case of beer. Prior that they've been ordering already. Sheesh.

And while we're in the Client's office, waiting to be briefed, instead of minding our hungry tummies and thirsty throats, Zar and I decided to just take photos of ourselves. Yeaaah

Hi HF! As usual, Angel, you look like a virgin-y litol gel.

I like how we look here. And yes, I love my hair.

With Boss Chen and Angel, while we wreck the recroom.

And while we were waiting for the media to arrive, vanity muna.


maaike. said...

nice pictures ;-)

Anonymous said...

ang cute natin! ;))

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