Monday, November 1, 2010

It felt like I was in Devil Wears Prada

Last Friday and Saturday were my for-once-please-fix-yourself days given that we had to attend the Philippine Fashion Week -- a bi-annual event for fashionistas who like to be in the know of what to expect in fashion for the next months. I'm not really into fashion, so being there was already an effort on my part. Hahahah!!! But it was a very fun and exciting event, nonetheless. :)

Anyway, I invited some of my friends to cover the event and in return, one (or two) of them took photos of me while working. it was stressful but i loved it. :)

Here are some photos of me working. Heehee! Conceited, yes I am!


ISAAC♪ said...

Di ako nakapunta ng Fashion Week... huhu.

ongapala, i changed my url. :D

bulitas said...


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