Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How to bag an Integrated Marketing Communications Award [IMC Award]?

Just happy to share with you that Eden’s Keso de Gallo: Sarap ng Pasko 100 Days of Christmas Food Celebration campaign won the over-all integrated marketing communications award in this year’s Kraft IMC awards.

photo courtesy of alma mader

[Well, Eden also won for PANATA, Quill, & another one that is yet to be announced. But that’s a different story and other campaigns/categories were involved…modesty aside. Also, the other brand teams under the same company also won lots of awards for different groups as well. :) So kanya-kanya lang na shining moment, dabuh. :D]

Anyway, I am just so so sooooo happy that all our efforts paid off. It wouldn’t be possible without the help of all the agencies and different partners. More important, the success of the campaign is also because of the active participation of the 100 cities and municipalities nominated in this campaign, and the Filipino nation, most especially, for supporting their respective towns/cities.

The recognition / award is only but a material representation of the team’s passion for the brand. And I am truly happy that in my two-three years in the communications industry, no brand like Eden, made me realize that yes, sales and metrics do matter. But the satisfaction and the positive reaction you get from your consumers/market is something truly priceless and worth celebrating for.

Here’s to the wonderful partnership (and friendship) made stronger, sweeter and of course, cheesier with Eden!

As my most favorite Client said, "Dears, congratulations. Our Grand IMC award speaks a lot about our passion, commitment, dedication and immeasurable creativity, and absolute magnanimity."

Yes, to passion and commitment! Looking forward to another year of success… too bad, my most favorite Client is with the other team already. Heehee!!! But that’s okay, AS and MJS are with us! So, game on!

NOTA BENE: If I forget to work hard for and love the other accounts that I’m handling, then here’s a sweet reminder to you, dear self… Be positive. There are no difficult Clients only different people. And 2010’s motto of the year— Be the leader. Be the brand. <3

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