Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Is Angelo Reyes guilty or not? We will never know... not unless...

Earlier in the office, we were discussing the death (via suicide) of Angelo Reyes and we're arguing as to why he decided to "shoot himself" on the chest instead of the head (which is the most common place for people to shoot themselves if they did plan to commit suicide). Told them, maybe he wanted to keep his face "pretty" as he knows he'll be in the papers the following day. For aesthetic purposes.

And true to fact, Milan Kundera in his book--The Unbearable Lightness of Being, he said, 

"Without realizing it, the individual composes his life according to the laws of beauty even in times of great distress."

I therefore conclude, my theory is most probably true. :)

JUST KIDDING! (I know it's a bad joke, but I'm trying to make things light here, gais! Peace be with you :D)

So to get back to my question, is his death, or rather, him committing suicide, concludes that he is indeed guilty of the case charged against him? It doesn't. Not that I am pro-Arroyo (as he is a supporter of Arroyo's government back when he was the defense secretary), or what have you. But simply because it might be because of another reason.

1. He might have been killed by someone else. I mean, come on, shooting yourself, holding the gun in front of your chest (or was it at the side of his chest? not sure. sorry), is quite an effort to do. Try holding a gun in front of you with the head facing your chest. It's a bit of a task, isn't it? But then again, maybe he didn't bother about the effort of holding the gun, and just tried to shoot himself in the best place that will surely (and without doubt) kill him.

2. Just a quick question: Why didn't his nearby body guards stop him? Because it was all too sudden? Oh dear, anybody who's in the service of protecting people's lives, must be alert, alive, awake and FAST to react. They could and should have stopped him from killing himself. If they were too far to strangle him and get the gun off him, they could have just shot to disarm the ex-defense secretary, right?

3. He might have indeed committed suicide, but was it really because of guilt? It could have been because he didn't want to continue staining the name of his parents and family. Given the military background, and with principles that teach them to honor and commit to a life of service and loyalty to the people they serve, suicide was his only attempt to refrain from further staining his family's name. You know the Hara-kiri? Something to that effect... I know you get what I mean. :D

4. There might have been death threats and attempts from his known and (UNknown) enemies. He's already questioning some of those who have the power and the authority as to why the case was being handled like this and that (read the papers na lang, gais. for additional background... :D). So to keep his family safe, he might have thought that his death will make them stop with the threats (and here's to hoping that his family will be safer without him).

I don't know how the investigation will end. However, I do hope (I know everybody's hoping and praying) that the unresolved cases of those mentioned in all the articles relating to AR's death, will be addressed already. And if points # 3 & probably 4, are proven true (that he's just being an honorable man) or if he is proven guilty, then all other officials who are corrupt, abusive of power, and all other negative shits SHOULD FOLLOW HIS EXAMPLE.

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