Monday, May 30, 2011

If I were a material girl...

here are some things I'd like to get my hands on. :)

So even if I could acquire most of these items (since the others are intangible things already...), I still have second thoughts in getting them coz it's not really something I'd die without.

...well, except if Coldplay, for some reason, decides to suddenly make a detour to the Philippines for a concert. I'd spend every penny I have just to watch them. For the rest of those tangible shittey, I can live without them for now. :)

(all photos are from the inarnets, kei?)

Atlantis Productions' AIDA from June 24 to July 10 at RCBC Plaza
Ticket price/s: 1700, 1600, 1100, 800, 700

I love theater and I miss every single thing about it. So as much as possible, if I have the opportunity to watch, I do. Unfortunately, due to my unforgiving schedule back then, watching was near impossible. But since I have all the time in the world right now, I want to. Too bad, I don't want to shell out monies for it since I'm saving up. T_T Hate this life. Hrrr.

My iPod Touch Gen. 4 needs some serious case coz the matte shit cover doesn't want to do its job and I hate having to worry if I'm getting the surface scratched or something. Belkin, one of the awesome cases in the country though, costs an arm and a leg just for a #^*&@*&@ case. Hate it. T_T

Coldplay Concert in Manila. Which is NON EXISTENT in their 2011-2012 Tour Sched. If they do decide to have a concert here in Manila, this is probably the only thing I'll shell out monies for. :) But for now, the only thing I can do is wish that they actually come to Manila.

July 28. Incubus Concert in Manila. I also want to watch, but nobody wants to go with me coz the tix are  expensive. Haaaaay life. T_T

Sleep. Hihihi. I am not deprived. But I just want to sleep, somewhere far from everyone else. Wishful thinking.

Seinnheiser's adidas earphones. I just want one. :)

A figurine of me. Figured I want to see how I will look like as a mini statue. Haha! This costs around 1000++ I think, depends on what kind of costume you'd like to be in. Mine's a super girl!

Big bear hug for that wonderful feeling and confirmation that yes, I am loved.

Kiss. Sweet peck on the cheeks would do coz I'm a sucker for cute childlike kisses. Hahaha!

THE getaway. I just want to relax, listen to the sea and capture that beautiful sunrise / sunset somewhere accessible to Metro Manila since I am not that brave yet to venture in the northern / southern part of the country. Hahaha :)) No buddy to go with me. :(

A walk in Intramuros or back in UST to eat footlong rice with gravy is already fun for me. I'm cheap like that. :)

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