Monday, May 30, 2011

Twenty Four

When I turned 18, I enrolled myself in school, went to the mall, ate pizza and won a weird Scooby Doo. I came home past 12mn, it was already June 03.

When I turned 19, I enrolled myself in school again, locked myself in my room and watched Rent for the nth time.

When I turned 20, I enrolled myself again in school, went to an org meeting and went home past 12mn. The food of the day was McDonalds.

When I turned 21, I went to work at Publicis Manila, ate together with the model unit team, went home around 9pm, while enduring all the pang-aasar if i was still a virgin. Hahah! Went home and spoke to Irvin the whole night.

When I turned 22, I went to work at GMCI, had to stay till around 10/11pm for Miko (Sandbox event preparation). Cried coz for the first time, I wanted to go out and celebrate (just to relax).

When I turned 23, I went to work at GMCI. But day before that I had to go to ABS-CBN and ended up staying there until around 3AM of June 02. Went to work around 9am. Was immersed the whole time with work, ended work around 8/9pm, waited for the heavens to make a miracle, nothing came. Kirei.

Now that I am turning 24, I will go to work, stay until 530PM, and go home to watch cartoons after. :)

I am growing old, and as you can see, I really am not fond of celebrations. It may not be so apparent with what I just shared, but I only love celebrating birthdays if it's the special day of people I care so much about. :)

P.S. Don't worry, I know I'm not a loner. Hahah! I just have either of the following friends:
 - corny friends whose schedules are in conflict with mine.
 - corny friends who have flights scheduled the following day and I cannot make them stay up that late
 - corny friends who had plans waaaay waaay before of going out of the country
 - corny friends who are in "retreat" right now and I completely understand
 - corny friends who will make habol if I ever make plans for my birthday (na I'm too tamad to even plan)
 - corny friends who are on a tight budget (just like me!)
 - corny friends who are now out of the country :(

We're getting old. We prioritize time and money more than friends and relationships. HAHAHAH JOKE! CHOS lang. Kirei if I don't celebrate. I'm just really moody right now and I'm just typing whatever I feel like typing. Hahah!!!


=supergulaman= said...

cool...happy birthday... :)

superboi said...

Thanks supergulaman! :) Hihihi June 02 pa.

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