Friday, November 11, 2011

Random: When you don't count, it multiplies.

I was never a lover of money. My personal philosophy about bank notes is that it has to be spent to give value to it. Plus, add to the fact that I've worked my ass off to earn it, so it must be spent.

Thank, God, I was never the materialistic one AND I never had to worry so much about having to borrow money from other people despite my humble paying jobs back then. (No offense meant.)

See? (And this is me talking -- modesty aside and all.) I wasn't paid generously back in college (when I was doing part time and stuff). Although everyone had this gargantuan idea of me receiving lumps of money, I was paid just right...

Through the years, the following reflects my monthly expenses which is kind of a template already for me. Boring stuff.

OJT Allowance = Php 3,000 something...
> This was spent on a t-shirt or two and two Yellow Cab treats for our meetings in AA.

First company #1 = Php 10,000 tax free for 80-100 hrs per month
> Spent on materials needed for the AA meetings, and as start up money.
> Sicillian treat with friends
> Yellow Cab treat again with AA (2x)
> Thesis materials (aka apology cake for our adviser, transportation and paper costs)
> Bag
> Food
> Pizza Hut treat with family

First company #2 = Php 15,000 - 18,000 taxable
> Food, food, food
> Polo shirts for my two brothers and my father
> Bags for my mother
> Lucky Chinese charms/plants for my mother
> Cabinet
> House expenses (aka share in the Electricity bill)

Second company = Php 15,000 tax free + allowances
> Food
> Clothes
> Food
> House expenses
> Date money
> Transportation expenses
> Celebrations with CA1, STC friends

Third company = Php 13,000 - Php 15,000 taxable
> Clothes
> Transportation expenses
> House expenses
> Date money
> Food
> Food
> My cellphone (Nokia E63)
> Pagudpud
> Palawan
> Globe Postpaid bill
> Celebrations with CA1, GM, STC friends
> Tagaytay
> Massage
> Facial

Now: x 2

> I pay the electricity bill, and cable.
> I pay for my iTouch
> I pay for that effing laptop which should have been paid way way back. (F Standard Chartered)
> Food, Food, Food (almost everyday dining in some restaurant bilang matakaw si Babu)
> Clothes (bazaar and department store only)
> Celebrations with GM friends, and sometimes CA1 friends
> Massage
> Transportation

But, looking back, I kind of still feel amused how I was able to budget what I was getting and still manage to fulfill all of my desires of eating in this restaurant or treating other people out (which is kind of my thing, if you really know me) and paying the bills and buying stuff for the house, my parents/siblings and friends and at times for myself. Mind you, I don't own pa a credit card.

I guess, when you don't count what you give away, it comes back to you in some mysterious ways, no? Truly, the Universe conspires me to have what I want if they feel that I desire it with passion...

Today's sweldo day, the usual 'it's the 15th day of the month; challenge is for me to expand the salary so I can get the things I want since I want to buy stuff for myself before I go and focus on my Christmas List (which I will be blogging about next). See the 7K I withdrawed above? That's just for the bills. -_-

How about you? How do you manage your expenses? Or are you like me who doesn't really count but manages to still fit everything despite and in spite of? :)

<3 S


tomato cafe said...

talagang statement of fact: matakaw si babu :((

superboi said...

Eh matakaw naman talaga si Babu :P <3

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