Wednesday, January 25, 2012

[Short Film] The Long Distance Relationship

A friend of mine (Cess Perez) shared over Twitter and Facebook this short film she saw in Chico Garcia's blog. It's a rather moving story by The Grim Film, especially if you're in a relationship and truly deeply and sagad to the bones in love with your partner... It doesn't help that I watched this at 1:30 in the morning, after a fight with Babu.

Not to be emo or something (or even to alarm my dear readers), but I often wonder (and that's on a daily basis, mind you) and think about how people who never really appreciated me in real life or took me for granted will react if I passed away... Will they wallow in sorrow for a short or a long time, or will they just forget me in an instant. For most of the time, and to spare me the over thinking shit, I always tell myself that they'll just forget about me in an instant -- not that I will feel anything anymore in the after life (should there be one)... But I know you get the point.

My current partner is someone I see myself with forever (and that I continuously wish/pray/hope for everyday), and at times when we fight and I fall into this massive pit of sadness / depression, I always wish that I disappear just so I can feel again the pain of not having the person around -- and the pain of seeing the person sad because I'm gone. And when I recall the imagery and the emotions that goes with it, I freak out and just want to be okay with the person. Because I know I can't bear the pain of seeing them in despair (if they will ever be sad when they lose me -- I hope so!). That's why I can't sleep when we're not okay. I go really sad and think and think...

Today, I thank papa God coz I have Babu. And I don't have to leave Babu with CDs to remember me. See between the two of us, though I'm supposed to have the stronger personality, I have the weaker body so there. And I'm hoping that no one in this world, or atleast from my friends / relatives / work / acquaintances experience that one.

I thank the Universe for Babu. For the patience and for the love I am given with unconditionally.

I am quite sabaw right now. But yeah...

Still hurting from the fight, but now trying to heal myself,

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