Monday, April 9, 2012

Money talk (Not really)

I don't like money talk. Money for me is like errrr (o_o) ... if you know what I mean.

And as I am not one to earn a gazillion bucks a month, and given the change of net profit for the past year, the change in the pattern in my purchases and acquisitions has drastically moved from your simple: food, transportation, and self indulgences, to life investments and more appealing acquisitions.

Sample items below. Not so grown up for some of you, but kinda grown up for me. -_-

  • Money for the Globe bill, which amounts to I still don't know.
  • Money for the laptop, which should have been settled two years ago had SC been diligent enough to notice the problem.
  • Money for the bill of the cable, which I rarely use.
  • Money for the health insurance of my dad. Coz brother moved to SG, my father's wonderful and complete health insurance has been terminated as well. So now, it's under my care.
  • Money for the groceries, which I don't really eat.
  • Money for a car, which I have no idea how to drive.
  • Money for a condo, well, not really coz this is Babu's purchase. But nonetheless, if I can contribute, then so be it. Yuuuh, Babu's rich like that. Purchasing a not so midrange condo by the Ortigases, good job!
  • Money for another laptop, which is a graduation gift by Babu to ze brother. 
  • Money for the gym membership, which is somewhat costly compared to the others.
  • Money for bonds/stocks because because.
  • Money for other personal expenses. (i.e. Food, Clothes, Experience) Mind you, I usually purchase something within 3 days. Eat out everyday. Go from one place to another via cab and gives tips not lower than 40php because my house is relatively far from civilization, and I feel bad for the cabs who do not get passengers on their way out of our village. Yuuuh.

So, how do I manage again to fit everything with the not so little but not so big salary that I have? I have no idea. But I manage -- sometimes with a little extra on the side for gifts and treats for friends and family...

And that's always good right? :)

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