Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Unfortunate Fortunate Me


Pakwento lang. Madaldal ako kasi ng normal and the person I usually talk to about my mishaps and (non)mishaps is well, still the bestest person for me, but one way na lang. :))

So anywaysss, this morning, so funny, I had an epiphany, in the middle of the street -- If the world indeed was about to come to its end this Friday, I'm one of those who wouldn't mind...

...only because I think I'm not meant to die.

So let me recount the 'series of unfortunate events' that happened to me and how funny each, at least for me.
There was that instance where I was already holding on to an extension cord already in flames, waiting to blow up and I thought I was going to get burned or something, yet nada. Not even a scratch.

Then I think since the month started I've only consumed 1 plate of longganisa with rice, 2 1/2 plates of pasta, 1 sundae, and around 15 sticks of isaw -- in total. Divide that into 18 days, you get the drift, and yet I'm not even a teeny weeny bit hungry. Partida, I've met up with friends already and shiz, walang gutom or anything, ni sakit ng tyan. :))

And this morning, ayun nga while crossing, I slipped in the middle of the street and couldn't stand up coz inaatake ata ako ng CS ko or something. Then nag go na yung traffic light, pwede pala yun parang nagslow mo yung lahat ng sasakyan (or baka talagang nagbagal sila kasi asa gitna ako literal and di makatayo hahaha) tapos I thought my gosh, talagang sa gitna pa ako ng kalsada nadulas and mamamatay, di ako handa, so I just sat there and looked at the approaching cars from both sides (kasi nga nagslowmo yun world and mukhang tanga lang pala nung ginawa ko no hahaha) and then boom, epiphany. I think I'm not going to die if the 'end of the world' will indeed happen this 21st of Dec. Just like how cockroaches will also not perish at the end of the world or masasamang damo ganyan.

Maybe I am that bad no? Matagal bago madeads. Hahahah! Ang incoherent ko hahaha! anyway bow. :)

Kaya ko 'to. :)

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