Wednesday, December 5, 2012

We are not a reheated cabbage, Dd. We are not.

Here I am, removing all pride and arrogance and just so sorry for all the wrong things that I have done (no buts or ifs or anything at all), I am humbly and whole-heartedly telling you that I am really really sorry. I know we have equally pained each other -- you, dismissing me and all of my concerns, and me, cheating on you and still not doing 'enough' for both of us. I really am sorry.

I know it's too late. You've told me that face to face, with no batting of an eyelash and aftewards proceeded with how you do stuff on a normal day. And it hurts coz all along I thought we were more than okay before you left for your birthday. And then you come back with an epiphany that I no longer make you happy.

I'm really really sorry.

I just wanted you to know I really am sincerely with no buts and ifs sorry for what I have done. It was all my mistake and I should have given more than a 100% for you and you alone. That even if you tell me everyday I was stupid and wrong and you hate me and you want to punch me in the face everytime you'll remember, I will take it, it's all okay with me basta we would take it slowly and surely. We should have lived on with how we were before -- one day at a time. It was one of our best formulas ever before. :(

I just wanted you to know that I miss you so much. That I need you so much. That I really can't live without you, Dd.

I will always pray and wish and cry and hope and hold on to you and will always tell you even if it's already impossible that I need and love you.

I really do love you.


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